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Day Neutralsm
Day-neutral strawberries will continue to set and ripen fruit all summer long until a hard frost puts them into dormancy. Day-neutral refers to the light sensitivity of the variety. Day-neutral strawberries will blossom and set fruit no matter how long or short the days are. Today there are several excellent varieties of day-neutral strawberries and they are a wonderful choice for the gardener who wants a steady supply of fruit instead of having it all ripen at the same time.
Short Day “June Bearing”
Short day or “June Bearing” strawberries produce a single, large crop per year during a 2 – 3 week period in the spring. June bearers are the traditionally grown plants, producing a single flush of flowers and many runners. They are classified into early, mid-season and late varieties. The largest fruits are generally from June bearing varieties.
Day Neutral Varieties
The new gold standard of the industry in terms of flavor, Albion is a Day-neutral (ever-bearing) cultivar. It was bred to replace “Diamante” in the market and has done so and more. Fruiting plants of “Albion” are similar in size and vigor to “Diamante”, but more open and more erect than plants of “Diamante”. “Albion” is quite resistant to Verticillium wilt (Verticillium dahliae) and Phytophthora crown rot (Phytophthora cactorum), and relatively resistant to Anthracnose crown rot (Colletotrichum acutatum). When treated properly, it has tolerance to two-spotted spidermites (Tetranychus urticae). Fruit from 
“Albion” is typically long, conical, and very symmetrical. Fruit for “Albion” is firm. External and internal fruit color for “Albion” is dark. Southern California fruit growers are experimenting with early dug Albion as an alternative to Camarosa, Ventana, and Palomar. Albion fruits consistently throughout the season. One downside is that Albion produces many runners that must be cut to maintain high production.
Jewel appears to be one of the best all-around varieties. Good for u-pick, fresh shipping and longer season yields. It produces large, firm, wedge-shaped fruit of beautiful color and quality. Jewel’s firmness and abrasive resistant skin make it ideal for shipping.
San Andreas is a moderate day-neutral with a production pattern very similar to Albion. Plant vigor for San Andreas is somewhat higher than for Albion early in the season but plant size throughout the fruiting season is similar to Albion due to its high and consistent prductivity. This cultivar produces few runners in the fruiting field. The fruit for San Andreas is exceptional in appearance and especially superior to Albion early in the season. The fruit color for San Andreas is slightly lighter than for Albion, and it has similar post harvest characteristics. The flavor of San Andreas is outstanding, very similar to that of Albion. San Andreas has a good disease resistance profile with no outstanding cautions. Its typically high quality fruit early in the season, together with a low chilling requirement, make this a good candidate cultivar for Southern California. Nursery productivity for San Andreas is similar to or slightly below that for Albion.
Seascape is a dependable standard in the strawberry industry. It was bred for tolerance to many of the common viral diseases in California, but has demonstrated susceptibility to common leaf spot. Seascape fruit is large and flavorful with an attractive glossy finish. Seascape also has flexibility in planting requirements, such that it does not require as much chill hours to set fruit, which makes this suitable for warmer climates. Seascape produces large berries with excellent flavor over a long season, but is concentrated in late spring with high yields in the fall.
A vigorous plant with high productivity and exceptional flavor.  Fruit is large size, attractive, and a beautiful long conical shape, medium firmness with a good acid-sugar balance and very sweet tasting, with a medium glossy red exterior/interior color, and produces few runners in the fruiting field. Sweet Ann has displayed signs of being a highly disease resistant variety, stronger than that of Albion. An excellent choice for the Organic Industry.
Short Day “June Bearing” Varieties
Formerly known as C225, this is a Moderate to High vigorous plant but smaller plant size than compared to Ventana, with similar production pattern. “Benicia” offers a slightly larger, firmer berry with good flavor and a darker more even Interior color. It is disease resistant although is susceptible to Verticillium wilt, which will require more care from the grower in order to cultivate this variety successfully. Productivity is superior to that of Ventana.
The old standard for the Southern California winter production and canning industry, Chandler continues to be the “go to” variety for roadside strawberry stands and backyard gardeners as well as many commercial growers in the southeast. Chandler produces semi-early deliciously sweet fruit. Fruit size is medium to large and medium in firmness. Chandler performs well in the east and is well adapted to the south.

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